How to Cook

How to Cook Pre Beef

New York Strip

Big and bold, with a slight chew.

Recognizable for the strip of fat running along the side, the Pre New York Strip is a bold and flavorful choice– with or without its famous strip.

Ribeye Steak

Juicy and bold, the hero of the dish.

Cut from a muscle that is lightly used, the Pre Ribeye features plentiful marbling that melts while cooking and bastes the beef in extra flavor.

Top Sirloin Steak

Tender, lean, and perfect for everything.

This versatile player is cut from the most tender part of the sirloin sub primal. And with the Pre Top Sirloin, less fat doesn’t mean less flavor.

Filet Mignon

Melt in your mouth tenderness

French for “dainty filet”, it comes from the lightly-used tenderloin muscle under the back. Known for its subtle flavor, and smaller size, filet is a luxurious eating experience.

Petite Sirloin

Finely textured with lean fat.

This cut comes from the Loin primal and it’s very lean. The flavor is superb and it's perfect for kebabs, sandwiches, and salads.

Chuck Roast

Pull-apart tender and juicy.

The Chuck Roast comes from the chuck roll in the beef shoulder. Cook it low and slow to bring out its robust taste and fragrant balance of meat and fat.

80% Lean Ground Beef

Rich and full of depth of flavor.

Our richest, juiciest, ground, Pre 80% Lean Ground Beef is great for people who want more healthy fats in their diet.

85% Lean Ground Beef

Just the right amount of fat and flavor.

A blend for all seasons and recipes, Pre 85% Lean Ground Beef has just the right balance of fat, meat and rich, delicious flavor.

92% Lean Ground Beef

Less fat doesn't mean less flavor.

Pre 92% Lean Ground Beef has all the flavor you love, but with a little less fat overall. Use it in your favorite recipes, and it doesn’t taste like anything is missing.

95% Ground Beef

Great for keeping recipes lean.

No need for draining or sacrificing when cooking with our 95% Lean Ground Beef. This is a great selection when looking for beef flavor in recipes – without the fat.

85% Lean Burger Patties

The burger patty you'll swear allegiance to.

This burger is all about the first bite. Not too fine, not too dry, just juicy, beefy, burger ecstasy.

92% Lean Burger Patties

Great for burgers that aren't juicy.

Great burgers start with great tasting beef. We pack a ton of taste in our 92% Lean Ground Beef – and can trim a little fat without losing an ounce of deliciousness.

The Best Way to Cook Steak in the Oven

with Chef Sarah Beth @sbtcooks

Once we found the reverse sear cooking method, we have been doing it constantly, telling all our friends about it, we even updated our packaging to include the instructions for a reverse sear. It’s THAT good.