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Pre 100% grass fed & finished beef is available in Pennsylvania!

You can find Pre® grass fed beef at Shoprite grocery stores in Pennsylania. We are so excited to be in here and we hope to continue to add more stores soon!

Pre grass fed beef products available in Pennsylvania include: ribeye , New York strip, Top sirloin, and filet mignon steaks. We have ground beef in the range of 80%–95% lean, juicy burger patties and delicious chuck roast. All our beef is Non-GMO Project Verified, Whole30 Approved®, Paleo Certified, Keto* Certified, and Halal. You can grab Pre at 700 stores nationwide as well as online via AmazonFresh, Peapod and Instacart, and Ibotta.

We source from cattle ranchers  in Australia and New Zealand where they raise the cattle on pastures year-round. They also use humane treatment, and there are no added antibiotics or hormones, and no GMOs or BPA. All the farmers practice 100% grass feeding and finishingas well.


Pre is available at Shoprite and ACME stores!

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About us

Along the evolutionary path from spear-toting hunter-gatherer to smoothie chugging soldiers, we somehow went from eating whole ingredients to unholy matrimonies of industrialized monstrosities that are harvested, mechanically separated, and reassembled into questionable beef-like objects.
What we’re trying to say is, food got weird, man.
And we have become weird about food. We see labels now for gluten-free, non-GMO, and grain-free that never used to be a thing. Now, we are buzzword fiends chasing the next fix of that pure taste we remember from a time long forgotten. But, the real solution isn’t the next big thing. It was the first big thing: Pre-Industrial food.

So, the idea for Pre was founded to set the taste clock back, and we are keeping the quality right there too. Providing the best-tasting 100% grass fed & finished beef – with absolute transparency from pasture to package to plate. No feedlots, no added hormones, no unnecessary antibiotics, and no corn-fed cattle. You can get your grass fed beef in Pennsylvania today!


Why 100% Grass Fed & Finished Matters

All cattle begin their lives by foraging on pasture along with their mother. The finishing part comes in due to the fact that they can be moved and confined to feedlots after awhile and then fed grains or grain by-products in those feedlots for the last few months of their lives. This is an unnatural diet and an inhumane practice. This will“fatten” them up quickly. At Pre we say “grass fed & finished,” because all the cattle is “finished” on pasturenaturally and never, ever, in a feedlot.

Why We Practice High Quality Sourcing Methods

Raising cattle on pasture year-round provides grass feeding and finishing which allows for regenerative farming. It allows a natural ecosystem to develop that supports rotational grazing. The quality, taste, & environmental impact of pasture raised beef is impacted by the entire lifespan of the animal and its holistic treatment.

Why We Prefer Pasture Raised Beef

Pasture raising cattle results in lean, healthy meat that is more humane and less stressful to the animal. Pure and simple. And it doesn’t require any added growth hormones or antibiotics (yuck). When you compare Pre’s grass-fed & finished beef to conventional grain-fed beef, it is not only a more humane choice, but it results in lower fat and calories, and in high vitamin content and high Omega-3s.

100% Taste Guarantee

We aim for you to be 100% satisfied with our grass fed & finished beef, but if for some reason you are not, we will refund you. Learn all about our 100% Taste Guarantee here.

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