The Pre Difference: Why Should You Choose Pre Beef?

The Pre Difference: Why Should You Choose Pre Beef?

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#1 All of Our Beef is Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished

Why Should You Choose Pre Beef? What is Pre beef? First and foremost, it’s 100% grass-fed – and grass-finished! 

All cattle are fed grass at some point in their lives, it’s what they’re finished on that matters most when it comes to quality. 

Time out. What does it mean for cattle to be “finished?” 

Finished refers to what cattle are fed during the last period of their lives, before they are harvested.

If cattle are finished on grain, which is a really energy dense feed, they increase weight and put on fat a lot faster. So if a beef brand takes their cattle out of the pasture and starts feeding them grain for about 4-6 months before harvest, then they should use the term "Grass-fed, Grain-finished" or sometimes only “Grass-Fed,” in order to not be misleading. It is always good to research beef brands to make sure they don’t use grain in their finishing process or partner with farmers or ranchers who do, if you are looking for 100% Grass Fed and Finished.

Cattle on pasture with a blue sky and clouds

If cattle are finished on grass, they are kept on pasture for their entire lifespan, which means it will take them longer to put on weight, but it results in a higher-quality product. This means they are eating grass for the whole duration of their lifespan after they have been weaned from their mother’s milk, which means this type of meat can be labeled “100% Grass-Fed” or “Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished.” 

Grass is natural for cattle to graze on, and it’s chock-full of nutrients. That’s why grass fed beef with no added hormones or added antibiotics, like Pre beef, is more nutritious than grain-finished beef. Remember, when choosing certain foods like beef, quality matters! 


#2 The Pre Difference: We Practice High Quality Sourcing Methods

Brown cattle on pasture on a sunny day

At Pre, we believe Mother Nature, not technology, should be responsible for what’s on our plates. Since all of our beef is grass-fed and finished, we source it from an environment where the grass is the healthiest and most nutrient-rich. It also has to pass our 15-point Quality Check. 

This led us to the milder climates of Australia, New Zealand, and the United States where nutrient-rich grasses are grown, and can support cattle year-round. Some of the grasses the cattle graze on are alfalfa, clover, Flinders grass, Mitchell grass and rye.

Not only does this mean cows eat delicious grass and live happy lives, but they can graze on prairie grasses all-year-round, unlike cows in colder climates, which often must eat grass pellets, supplements, or even grains during the cold winter months.

Did you know that beef, like wine, gets its flavor from various factors including climate, region, and soil, which is why sourcing location matters. This makes sense, of course! The taste of the meat comes from the animal, and its lifestyle, habits, and diet all play a part.

Our top tip is to buy your beef like you buy your wine. Buy from ranchers that are treating animals and the environement well.


#3 Our Packaging is Transparent — Literally

A NY strip, ribeye steak and filet mignon steak with eggs and onions chopped up on a cutting board

Food labels are just a piece of the puzzle when it comes to food quality. Labels are the leading indicator of what you want to buy, but labels don’t always show the whole picture, which is why our packaging is quite literally, transparent. Our labels and packaging are: 

When it comes to choosing meat, keep in mind the label and packaging are only the first steps. You should also ask yourself other questions like: Is this product packaged to stay fresh for a long period of time? What does the product taste like when I take it home and cook it? Is it really flavorful? What is the texture like? Is it dry or juicy? All of these questions and factors matter when it comes to quality, not just the language you see on the packaging and labeling.

Pre steaks and Pre ground beef also have a full ingredient lists published for your peace of mind. What’s on it? Just one thing – beef. No additives, no tricks, no preservatives or chemicals. Just the highest-quality beef that’s wet aged, vacuum sealed, and delivered right to your door in temperature-controlled boxes.

Fact: Pre beef is proud to carry the following labels: Certified Paleo, Keto Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified and Whole30 Approved.

Why Should You Choose Pre Beef? Our Beef Has A Host of Nutritional Benefits

A top sirloin steak that has a callout that says High in protein and Omega-3s 

When compared to grain-fed beef brands, Pre grass-fed and finished beef is lower in calories and lower in fat. That’s because our cattle are not quickly fattened up by feeding them grain or keeping them in factory-farming settings.

Instead, our cattle live a more natural life. They eat and grow more slowly, move around and get plenty of exercise, and develop meat that’s lean and healthy, yet is also tender with plenty of marbling. 

Our beef also has no added antibiotics or growth hormones. It’s not “hormone-free,” because nothing can be hormone free – just like all humans and other animals—cattle have hormones in their bodies that they generate naturally to keep them healthy. Instead, we label our products as “No Added Hormones.” 

This simply means that none of our cows are pumped full of hormones that are often used at factory farms to promote growth. They grow completely naturally throughout their entire lifetime.

In addition, our fixed portion sizes allow us to accurately calculate the nutritional profile of our products. Find exact nutrition information on each shopping page. It's safe to say that overall, our Pre beef offers:

  • Up to 38% fewer calories*
  • Up to 63% less fat*
  • Higher heart-healthy Omega 3s*
  • Higher CLA, which may also have health benefits*
  • 10 essential nutrients including B vitamins, iron, protein and zinc

(*) Versus USDA choice version for the same cut of beef


What Makes Pre Different

So, why should you choose Pre Beef? It’s simple. Our team at Pre thinks about beef differently, which is why we approach beef differently. 

Pre Beef is not only delicious, but fresh and safe to eat. Our 100% grass-fed and finished beef, high quality sourcing methods, Non-GMO Project Verified certification, transparent packaging and nutritional benefits are what make our beef stand out above other beef brands and that’s what makes us proud to be a part of the Pre brand.

Shop online and take a look at our grass fed beef that we have available in our online store. You can browse Pre ground beef, Pre steaks, and other beef products, and have them shipped directly to your door.

Trust us. It’s worth giving us a shot. Once you’ve had our grass fed beef with no hormones, antibiotics, or other additives, you’ll never go back to other beef brands again. We guarantee you'll love the taste, or your money back!

Want to learn more about what makes us different from other brands of beef? Check out this rapid fire Q and A with Julie Divis, Quality Manager at Pre.

 Pre beef packaging on a background that says Pre: Beef Done Differently

Interested in learning more about why Pre provides the best beef from grass fed cattle? Here are some more resources you can check out!

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