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Why is Pre Different than another beef company?

You can choose our beef based on what you see on the package – or what’s inside it. We have one ingredient: beef, full of flavor, not antibiotics. Because no one ever said, “pass the antibiotics” at the dinner table. Our beef has no added hormones, and absolutely no GMOs, that would be weird. We believe in treating animals with respect and we source from New Zealand and Australia where nutrient-rich grasses grow year-round. All of our beef is cut and trimmed by hand in Chicago. These things make us different, we’re okay with that. Because we meticulously, relentlessly and uncompromisingly created Pre for one person. You.  

We always appreciate feedback and reviews on our products. We take great responsibility for providing the highest-quality, freshest beef available. We have high standards (no kidding, we’ve got 15 points of curation) and we know you have high standards for what you put on your dinner table and what you cook for your family and friends. The beef we source from New Zealand and Australia is distinctly different and flavorful because it is raised on pasture where cattle have continuous access to open pastures without GMOs, and like wine, the climate does affect the taste of meat, and you can really taste the difference with Pre beef. We only use the most tender breeds, like Angus and Herefords and all our beef is wet aged and sealed airtight for freshness.

In addition, you can buy our meat confidently knowing that Pre beef is grass fed & finished, so it provides more of the good-for-you-fats like CLAs and Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as being Whole30 Approved, Keto Certified, Paleo Certified and Halal.

We would be honored to be the beef you choose and trust for all your home-cooked meals, cookouts, meal-prep, midnight snacks, holiday dinners, and whatever else you might be cooking!

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