Pre Beef is Halal Compliant

What Exactly Does "Halal" Mean?

Halal is an Arabic word meaning "permissible." It refers to meat that is processed in a way that adheres to Islamic Law. There are about1.8 billion Muslims in the world that adhere to the teachings of the Koran, but beef that meets Halal standards is a healthy choice for anyone!

Halal Beef Requirements

Halal beef is 100 percent grass-fed, providing the benefits of no artificial ingredients, hormones or antibiotics. Grass-fed halal beef is higher in micronutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acid (a source of antioxidants), vitamin E and beta-carotene. Therefore, both Muslims and non-Muslims recognize the benefits of eating minimally-processed halal beef steak.

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What Makes Beef "Halal-approved?"

Strict Islamic requirements are abided by during the raising and slaughtering process for halal beef.

  • The animal must have been fed a natural diet and not given any animal by-products.
  • The animal must be alive, healthy, and conscious at the time of slaughter.
  • The slaughter must be humane. That means stunning is not allowed to kill the animal.
  • The prayer "In the name of God, God is Most Great" (Quran 6:118–121) must be recited during the slaughter.
  • The animal must be slit at the throat and hung upside down, so that all the blood is drained.

Where do I find Pre Halal Beef?

Halal, High-Quality and Humane Treatment

Pre Beef is halal-compliant, 100 percent grass-fed and finished beef. It's whole, real and unprocessed. As a result, you get a healthier and more delicious cut of beef. Our superior quality meats are sourced from farmers in New Zealand and Australia, who abide by the highest quality and humane treatment standards. We're committed to bringing you the best beef nature provides. Use our store locator to find a store near you. Are you hungry yet? Check out some of our Whole30 recipes to accompany your halal beef!

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