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4 Ways to Make a Better Burger

Becky Melamed

Are you ready to turn your burger from “just a burger” to a full-on eating experience?

We’ve come up with four easy steps that will help you step up your grilling game. From the cheese and veggies on the inside to the bun on the outside, our guide will dress up your homemade burger from top to bottom.

Psst… Having a hard time starting your grill? We have advice on that here.


1. Change the Cheese

The first step to a better burger is picking out the right cheese. Going for a Mediterranean spin? You’ll want to use feta or brie. Traditional? American or cheddar.

Since most of us aren’t cheese connoisseurs, we asked our chef friends to share their favorites and when to use each:

Muenster is the easiest way to amp up the American cheeseburger. It’ll give your burger a smokier flavor.

Feta is your go-to cheese if you like a salty and tangy flavor. It pairs well with light, fresh veggies. Feta won’t melt like other cheeses. There’s also no need to pile on the condiments, just keep it simple with tapenade or Dijon mustard.

Mozzarella is great for a light, summer burger. For the best taste, make sure to buy your mozzarella fresh. We recommend using it for a caprese burger topped with Roma tomatoes, pesto, and basil.

Pepper Jack will kick it up a notch. This adds a bit of spice without being too overwhelming. This pairs well with savory and spicy toppings like bacon or jalapeños.



2. Add More Protein

Next up in the burger build is—you know it—more protein! Here’s three of our crowd-pleasers:

Another patty- Double decker burgers aren’t only served at restaurants. You can make them at home, too! The important part is to thin your patties so that they stack well. PRE 1/3 lb. burger patties come fresh and can be easily flattened for a double-decker.

Adding bacon is the meat-lovers dream. The PRE office is a huge fan of Pederson’s Natural Farms bacon. It’s all-natural, sugar-free, chemical-free, Whole30 Approved, and ridiculously delicious. What’s not to love?

Egg is this season’s burger trend and Instagram obsession. To pull it off, cook your egg any way you’d like (we recommend over easy) and lay on top of the finished burger. An egg will add a creamy texture and can replace American or Cheddar cheese.


3. Go Veggie-Crazy

Instead of pitching veggies into the trash can, commit to a “fridge dump” once a week. Grill your vegetables with olive oil and salt, then layer on your burger.

4. Don’t Forget About the Bun

While the standard sesame-seed buns are a classic (we honestly love them), your burger may often call for something else. This can make the difference between a pretty-good burger and an out-of-this-world burger.

Brioche buns are one step up from flour buns and two times better. Brush your brioche bun with melted butter and toast on the grill for ultimate flavor.

Pretzel buns are the perfect indulgence. Slightly toasted, these buns are crunchy on top and soft in the middle. This is a great way to make any cheeseburger taste gourmet.

Completely replace the bun with Swiss chard or tortillas. Blanch chard by submerging it in boiling water for 10-15 seconds, then immediately submerge in cold water. Next, wrap your burger with it, cut in half, and stick each side with a toothpick.

With those four easy steps, you should be a grill-master in no time! 

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