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How is Pre Different than another beef company?

Pre beef is always one ingredient: 100% grass fed & finished beef, full of flavor. Our beef has no added hormones or antibiotics and absolutely no GMOs, that would be weird. We only source from farmers who treat animals with respect. All of our beef is cut and trimmed by hand in Chicago and sourced from New Zealand and Australia where nutrient-rich grasses grow year-round. These things make us different, and we’re okay with that. Because we meticulously, relentlessly and uncompromisingly created Pre® for one person. You.

Pre beef is always ethically sourced

We are a grass finished beef brand that sources our meat from farmers in New Zealand and Australia, who follow the internationally accepted 5 Freedoms for all animals. Our high quality control takes into account 15 Points of Curation, just a few of those high standards being: 100% grass fed & finished, no added antibiotics or hormones, quality of life, fat color, diet, breed, and more. We trust nature, not technology, for the goodness nature brings to the table. Pre Beef is now available near you.

What is grass fed & finished?

All cattle begin their lives on pasture, where they forage with their mother on grass. But some farmers then move and confine the cattle to a feedlot where they are fed grain or grain by-products during the last months of their lives to “fatten” them up quickly. This is why we say “finished.” All of Pre beef is sourced from farmers who “finish” on pasture and never in a feedlot.

What is high quality sourcing?

At Pre, we believe that nature, not technology, should be responsible for what’s on our plates. The overall quality and taste of beef as well as the environmental impact of the cattle is directly attributed to the entire lifespan and the holistic treatment of the animal. We only work with farmers who practice grass feeding and finishing, no added hormones or antibiotics, and no GMOs. This allows for regenerative farming and a natural ecosystem for rotational grazing. The ranchers never use grains or feedlots.

What are the benefits of pasture raised beef?

In order to have lean and healthy beef, cattle must be raised on pasture, eating grass, which is their natural environment and diet. This results in a good quality of life and less stress on the animal. Compared to grain-fed beef, Pre’s grass-fed & finished beef is lower in calories and lower in fat. Grass Fed & finished beef is a more humane choice in ranching, resulting in higher vitamin and Omega-3 content. Pre beef is proud to be Certified Paleo, Keto* Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, Whole30 Approved and Halal Compliant. We take it straight from the pastures to astore near you!

100% Taste Guarantee

If Pre isn’t the best grass fed & finished beef you've ever tasted, we will give you your money back. Learn more about our taste guarantee here.

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