How to Cook Steak on the Grill

How to Cook Steak on the Grill

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Oh, you know that smell of impending deliciousness, flowing throughout the neighborhood…

We flock to the grill during the warmer months (or year-round if you’re more dedicated!) with the promise of that delicious, charred meat, that has that signature smoked taste you can only get on the grill.

Everyone has a signature style when it comes to grilling, or this might be your first time, either way, we’re here to help. We love sharing all the geeky details about grilling meat and especially giving you tips and tricks while you are at it.

Using the grill to cook steak is by far one of the most classic ways to cook meat. It can create that beautiful seared char around the outside, and then as you bite into it, it releases all the natural juices and flavors from the steak’s fat and muscle. So, here is what you need to get grillin’!

Equipment you’ll need to grill steak


For lighting the charcoal, or when your gas grill lighter is not working

A lighter on cement.

Charcoal chimney

If you are using a charcoal grill, this is the easiest way to get it lit. It’s also perfect for windy days or when you don’t have enough lighter fluid.

A charcoal chimney full of charcoal


Always grab a thermometer to test the meat for the perfect results. See this temperature chart as a guide to your preferred temperature doneness.

Thermometer on cement

Sheet trays

For all of your things! Use one for raw meats and one for cooked meats. 

2 sheet trays stacked


Perfect for wiping up any spills or to hold hot plates of food. 

Two towels on cement

Veggie tray

Keep a tray specific for veggies only, that way there is no cross-contamination.

Silver tray on cement


Wire brush

Use this to clean your grill before and afterward to keep it debris free.

A black wire brush


You’ll want these for flipping steaks and veggies like asparagus.

Silver tongs

Grill glove / Oven mitt

Grab these when you need to move things around the grill and do not want to get burned!

Blue oven mitt on charcoal

Here are a few safety tips while you grill steak:

  1. Use aluminum foil under drippy foods like bacon so that it catches all the mess.
  2. Use separate trays for raw & cooked products.
  3. Keep your grill clean, that way the flavors are delicious and no food debris gets caught on fire.
  4. Use a grill glove or towels to carry hot trays and when opening and closing the grill.

Should I use a charcoal or a gas grill for grilling steaks?

The charcoal grill gives that amazing smokey taste and flavor to the food cooked on it and is a classic reason a lot of grillers prefer it over the gas grill. It might take a little longer to start a charcoal grill and a little more cleaning maintenance but you can create custom heat spots and cool spots for cooking different foods at the same time.

The gas grill is great because you can get going right away! No fussing with lighting a chimney, just push and button and go. One downside to the gas grill is that the heat can be uneven with a lot of hot and cool spots. You also will get a slightly lower smokiness taste in your food. However, it’s not hard to use once you are accustomed to your heat spots and grates on your gas grill.

How to grill steaks

A man grilling a ribeye steak on a gas grill

All steaks are unique and thus, have to be cooked uniquely. Pay attention to their needs but do not over handle them. Remember, you would cook a New York Strip differently than a Filet Mignon. To cook the perfect steak always use an instant-read thermometer and cook according to our handy temperature chart. Whether you’re making kabobs or a smothering a marinade on our steaks you won’t be disappointed.

Grilling Ribeye

The Ribeye steak is the grilling star. It has a good balance of marbling and fat to keep it juicy.

Learn how to grill ribeye steak

Grilling filet mignon steak

The Filet Mignon is a melt-in-your-mouth cut that can be very sensitive when grilling. Make sure you oil the grates!

Learn how to grill filet mignon

Grilling New York strip steak

The New York Strip is perfect for grilling. Grill its signature fat cap for a crispy, flavorful bite.

Learn how to grill NY strip


Grilling top sirloin steak

Top Sirloin is a lean steak and grills great but can cook up a little different depending on which part of the animal it came from.

Learn how to grill top sirloin 

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