Five Salad Recipes That Eat Like A Meal

by Pre Brands October 14, 2019

Five Salad Recipes That Eat Like A Meal

Tired of eating the same things all the time? Time to add some new recipes to your repertoire.

A good salad, when made with healthy, delicious proteins, can eat like a meal. Branch out from your go-to add-ins, and you’ll find new flavor combinations that you may never have imagined would fill you up while also allowing you to enjoy every bite. We have some of the best recipes for you to enjoy all year long, and here are 5 salad recipes you can throw in any day of the week:

Green Goddess Filet and Farro Salad

Green Goddess Salad Recipe

The Green Goddess Filet and Farro Salad stars tender filet mignon as the protein and adds Green Goddess dressing for a flavorful tang.

You'll need grapeseed oil, salt, cooked farro, watercress greens, frisee greens, avocado, bell pepper, radish, shiitake mushrooms, Greek yogurt, water, cilantro leaves, garlic, lime juice and a pinch of cayenne.

Season the steak with oil and salt, and place into a hot pan. Meanwhile, make the dressing in a blender by combining avocado with Greek yogurt, water, cilantro, garlic, salt, lime juice and the cayenne pepper. Layer all of the ingredients into the bowl, slice the filet on top, pat yourself on the back and sit down to the best salad you’ve had in a long, long time.

Arugula Steak Salad with Caramelized Oranges and Rose Vinaigrette

A salad with a fork and a glass of water

Our Arugula Steak Salad with Caramelized Oranges and Rose Vinaigrette is tasty and satisfying, with an unbeatable combo of top sirloin steak and deliciously seasoned greens.

In addition to top sirloin steak, you will need sea salt, grapeseed oil, blood oranges, white rose petals, white wine vinegar, olive oil, mint leaves, minced shallots and baby arugula.

You will be able to whisk the dressing together using the juice of the oranges as well as chopped rose petals. Assembling the salad only takes a few minutes. Once topped with thinly sliced sirloin, lunch or dinner is served!

Ginger Marinated Steak Salad and Cold Brew Vinaigrette

A steak salad on the table

The flavors in this Ginger Marinated Steak Salad and Cold Brew Vinaigrette are incredibly unique due to the combination of sirloin steak and cold brew coffee. Does coffee in the dressing make it a breakfast salad? Not a bad idea! But it makes an impressive lunch or dinner too.

The dressing is made by combining olive oil, salt, grated ginger, juiced limes, cold brew coffee and maple syrup. You will toss together a salad containing red kale, purple cabbage, green cabbage, slivered almonds, shredded carrots, and thinly sliced radishes. Then, the star of the show is a grilled, ginger marinated steak made explosively flavorful by cold brew coffee, lime juice, ginger, salt and tamari.
Layered into a bowl, each bite is better than the next.

Vietnamese Chopped Steak Salad

A big platter of salad

Looking for something global? The Vietnamese Chopped Steak Salad is out of this world.

It all starts with a ribeye steak, seasoned with nothing more than sea salt and high-heat oil. The dressing combines lime juice, mirin, brown sugar, toasted sesame oil, grated ginger, Sriracha sauce, red Thai chili and minced garlic. Tossed with red cabbage, green cabbage, green onions, thin ribbons of carrots, chopped cilantro and toasted, chopped cashews, get ready to take your tastebuds on an exotic trip.

Taco Salad

2 plates of salad and a bowl of tomatoes and a bowl of guacamole

We're excited to show you Pre’s Taco Salad, a playful spin on the classic.
It all starts with a Pre 92% lean ground beef, seasoned and cooked with chili powder, ground cumin, sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, crushed red pepper flakes, dried oregano and a little bit of coconut flour.
Rest your cooked ground beef on top of a salad of chopped romaine, pico de gallo, fried plantations and guacamole. A blender makes this green goddess dressing a breeze, with minced garlic, mayonnaise, avocado, coconut milk, chopped parsley, cilantro, tarragon, chives, lime juice, anchovies and some salt and pepper to taste.
Assemble as desired, and get ready for Taco Salad 2.0.


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