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Steak and Wine Pairings Made Easy

by Chef Sarah Russo December 13, 2017

Steak and Wine Pairings Made Easy

One of the questions we get all the time is, "what wine should I pair with this steak?"

That's a hard question because the answer depends on your personal preference. What's your favorite type of wine? How will you be cooking your steak? What sides will you have with it?
All these factors play into wine and steak pairings. But, there's one thing that these pairings have in common: balancing the fat content of your steak with the mouthfeel of your wine. With that as our rule of thumb, here are some simple guidelines on which steak to pair with your favorite wine.

Ribeye & Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich and robust

The Ribeye is known for its juicy tenderness. A dark, fruity, ripe Cabernet Sauvignon will bring out the rich flavor in this cut of steak

Filet Mignon & Chardonnay 

Light and mild

Filet mignon is the most tender of the cuts. It pairs well with a buttery, fresh chardonnay for a smooth and clean finish.

Top Sirloin & Red Blend

Sweet and tangy

Sirloin is a tender, low-fat cut of steak that pairs well with the rich and jammy flavors of a red blend.

New York Strip & Merlot

Bold and ripe

The New York Strip steak is perfectly complemented by a full-bodied Merlot that will enhance its savory flavors.

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