95% Lean Ground Beef - 2 LBs

2.0 lb


No need for draining or sacrificing when it comes to our 95% lean ground beef. Since it’s made from tasty and tender Pre® beef, it stays full of flavor even though it’s light on fat. You have to taste it to believe it. Makes a great substitute for ground turkey and bison too.

Ingredients: Grass fed and finished beef

Each box contains 2 16-oz. portions.


$20.99 - One-time purchase

  • 100% Grass Fed and Finished
  • Pasture Raised
  • No Added Antibiotics
  • No Added Hormones
  • PRE Brands - Whole 30

Meal Suggestions:

While you can use ground beef of any lean point across any recipe, we recommend certain products for different recipes. 95% ground beef is perfect for recipes where you would typically drain excess fat from the pan after browning:

  • Stuffed Peppers
  • Lettuce Wraps
  • Nachos

    100% Grass Fed and Finished
    Pasture Raised
    No Added Antibiotics
    No Added Hormones
    Key Nutritional Info+

    Key nutrition info

    • 23G

    • 123MG

    • 78MG

      OMEGA 3s

    Consistent cooking for your consistent cuts

    The quality and size of our steaks are consistent, so follow these simple preparation steps to ensure a great meal, every time.

    • Pat steak dry
    • Season with salt, pepper & any other desired seasonings
    • Heat cast iron skillet or grill on high heat
    • Cook to desired temperature
    • Serve with your favorite sides


    3-4 Minutes Each Side

    Medium Rare

    4-5 Minutes Each Side


    5-6 Minutes Each Side

    Medium Well

    6-7 Minutes Each Side

    Well Done

    7-8 Minutes Each Side

    *Cooking times are suggested for PRE steaks and can vary depending upon cooking surface and heat source.

    Looking for ways to add variety to meals?

    Try one of our recipes created specifically to bring out the best in every PRE product.