How to Grill Ribeye Steak

How to Grill Ribeye Steak

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How to Season Ribeye on the Grill

If you are using high-quality beef that is 100% grass fed & finished you already have a rich, robust flavor from that muscle and fat. Because of the treatment of the animal and the food it ate for its entire lifespan, that beef doesn't need much to season it. We are talking about a good salt, and that's it. Natural sea salt will give you all the flavor you need on the grill. But if you are really looking for some special seasoning and taste notes, do try a good dry rub.

Let's get grillin':

A video overview



Don't forget to prep your grill! Here are some quick grill maintenance videos. 

Charcoal grill prep:

Gas grill prep:

Step 2:

Heat up your grill to high heat, around 350°F — 400°F.

Step 3:

Open your ribeye steaks and pat them dry with a paper towel. The drier the steak, the better the sear.

Step 4:

Season liberally on both sides with coarse salt.

Step: 5

Oil both sides with high heat oil and then oil your grill grates to prevent the steaks from sticking.

Step 6:

Place the steaks on the grill and cook them until they are golden brown and slightly charred.

Step 7:

Flip each steak only once, and then rotate them about 30 degrees to get those sought after grill marks (watch the video above to see how this is done.)

Step 8:

Use a food thermometer to check all sides for doneness.

Here is our doneness temperature chart:

    • Rare: 95-105°F
    • Medium Rare: 105-115°F
    • Medium: 115-125°F
    • Medium Well: 125-135°F

    Step 9:

    Let rest for 5–7 minutes before slicing the steaks (against the grain).


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