How to Cook Steak on the Stovetop

How to Cook Steak on the Stovetop

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Pan searing steaks is one of the EASIEST and most DELICIOUS ways to cook up some quality beef.

There’s no sense in being afraid to buy steak because you are afraid you will mess it up. Pre steaks are some of the easiest steaks to cook because they are always cut to consistent sizes and they are lean and tender without needing a lot of seasoning because they are grass fed & finished.

Ok, so let’s get into it. Pan searing is all about the SEAR. To get that beautiful dark brown color, you need to place the steak in a skillet or cast iron that is very hot. It will create that caramel crust that locks in all those delicious juices and keeps the steak nice and tender. This is called the Malliard reaction. Most of us at Pre like our steaks medium-rare, so that is the temperature we are going to show you how to cook a steak. 

Here are 3 important tips before we get going:

  • Always let steaks hit room temperature before cooking
  • Make sure you pat them dry before cooking with them
  • Grass fed and finished steak will always cook faster than conventional grain fed beef, so keep an eye on your digital thermometer

Here are 2 important tips about serving steak:

  • Always let a steak rest at least 7 minutes before slicing it
  • Always cut the steak against the grain

Medium rare temperatures and times for Pre steaks are as follows:

Top Sirloin

Medium Rare: 105-115°F Average 6-8min/side

Filet Mignon

Medium Rare: 105-115°F Average 4-4.5min/side


Medium Rare: 105-115°F Average 4-4.5min/side

New York Strip

Medium Rare: 100-110°F Average 4-5min/side

Petite Sirloin

Medium Rare: 105-115°F Average 4-4.5min/side

Ok, let’s cook this!

Gather your steaks, a pan, high-heat oil, and salt. Then, check out this quick video we made showing you how to cook a steak on the stovetop using the pan sear method:

Want to try another cooking method?

Here are some more great cooking methods you should try!


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