How to Grill Top Sirloin Steak

How to Grill Top Sirloin Steak

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How to Cook Top Sirloin on the Grill Perfectly

The top sirloin is what we like to call an “all-around ace.” It is tender, not as tender as filet mignon and not as robust as a ribeye, but it’s got great versatility and a good beefy flavor. You can marinate it, slice it thin, sear it, grill it, throw it on a salad or pizza… this steak is our MVP. The top sirloin is located directly behind the loin of beef cattle, and there is a difference between the top and the bottom sirloin, it isn’t just a fun way to discriminate against meats. The top sirloin is super lean and great for those who want to grill a healthier steak that does not have as much fat marbling. Learn more about top sirloin in our Top Sirloin 101 post!

Should I marinate or use a spice rub on the top sirloin?

Seasoning is not necessary if you are using good quality grass fed and finished beef. All you really need is good sea salt and some oil. However, if you’re craving a good rub try these steak rubs out. They are our signature blends.


A video overview


Don't forget about prepping and cleaning your grill before an after you use it. Here are a couple maintenance videos to check out before we get started.

Step 2:

Heat your grill to high, around 350°F — 400°F.

Step 3:

Open the steak(s) and pat them dry with some paper towels or similar. The drier the steak, the better the sear.

Step 4:

Season liberally on both sides with salt.

Step: 5

Oil both sides with high heat oil and then oil the grill grates to prevent steaks from sticking to it.

Step 6:

Place your steaks on the grill and cook until they are a golden brown color and slightly charred.

Step 7:

Flip only once, and then rotate 30° to get those perfect grill marks across the top sirloin.

Step 8:

Use a food thermometer to check all sides for the temperature.

Here is our doneness temperature chart:

    • Rare: 95-105°F 
    • Medium Rare: 105-115°F
    • Medium: 115 - 125°F
    • Medium Well: 125 - 135°F

    Step 9:

    Let the steaks rest for 7 minutes before slicing against the grain.


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    Where do I find Pre beef near me?

    Use our store locator to grab Pre beef in a grocery store near you or find us online and at AmazonFresh
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