Halal Compliant, What Does That Mean?

by Pre Brands July 23, 2021

Halal Compliant, What Does That Mean?

Pre Brand's 100% grass fed & finished beef is Halal Compliant. All of our beef sourced from New Zealand and Australia is certified Halal, meaning that it is harvested according to Halal principles and has received a third party audit.   Our beef is imported with a Halal certification. The processing facility that we use outside of Chicago that cuts our steaks and grinds our ground beef is also certified Halal so that it can process and package our beef. Our beef is the only meat processed in the facility, no chicken or pork is processed at the plant, just Pre beef! So when you grab our beef in the store, you will see the Halal logo on the package.


Halal is an Arabic term which describes a specific object or action that is permitted in accordance with Islamic law, the opposite being Haram. As it applies to food, Halal is essentially a dietary standard and while the requirements for food to be considered Halal do have a specific religious origin, everyone can benefit from a diet consisting of Halal foods regardless of their religious beliefs.

Some of the requirements a food must meet in order to be considered Halal  align with the standards we set at Pre. Like our beef, Halal beef must have an all-natural diet that does not include any animal by-products, hormones, antibiotics, or any artificial ingredients. We apply these same standards to all our products, making Pre a great source for Halal ground beef and Halal steak.




One of the halal requirements is that an animal’s blood must be fully drained after slaughter. The blood being fully drained means that halal beef is free from most harmful bacteria. Humans aren’t the only creatures that experience stress. Animals that are treated poorly, especially during harvesting, will experience stress or fear that can affect the quality and taste of their meat. There are a variety of factors that can cause such emotions – lengthy transport, certain noises, inactivity, lack of fresh water, and more. With Halal meat, animals experience next to no stress throughout their lives, are unconcious prior to slaughter and the prayer "In the name of God, God is Most Great" (Quran 6:118–121) is recited."



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A package of 80% Lean Ground Beef



With Halal foods, there are a few guidelines and safety measures that need to be met which then ensure a healthier, higher quality product than your average cut of beef. Animals raised in accordance with Halal’s standards are treated differently and live a far better life than they would on a commercial farm. In accordance with Halal requirements animals are well fed and given water prior to being ethically slaughtered so they aren’t thirsty. Farmers, like those we source our beef from, adhere to strict ethical practices to deliver a cut of beef that is more hygienic, healthier, and better tasing.


A woman holding a platter of three burgers with lettuce and onion showing.

In purchasing halal beef, you’ll know that the animal it was sourced from was treated ethically and cared for. When you eat Halal beef you’ll get the peace of mind that the animal it came from had a happy and full life prior to ending up on your plate. This makes foods like Halal beef an extremely beneficial choice for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

At Pre we offer you a variety of 100% grass fed & finished beef products and cuts, all of which meet the Halal standards and are Keto certified and Paleo certified. You can shop our selection here  and then get inspired with recipes or learn more about cooking and beef in general with our various  blog posts.


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