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Flip the Bird: A Cooking Guide

These cuts are perfect for Thanksgiving because they are hard to mess up! The brisket and the chuck roast can be cooked perfectly on a low and slow setting, and the tenderloin is a beautiful medium-rare at 135°F. Learn how to cook each of them by clicking below.






Chuck Roast

Wish the best tasting beef was the best for you? It is.

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Chuck Roast

Cook chuck low and slow to bring out its robust taste and fragrant balance of meat and fat. This might also bring more family members to the table, but the chuck can handle it.

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Center-cut Tenderloin

Impress all of your guests with this Pre® center-cut beef tenderloin. It is a coveted, finely-textured muscle, that provides a luxurious eating experience.

Catch them in the act


Pre’s brisket is the perfect size for a home cook to handle but large enough to please a crowd. Serve it smoked, as burnt ends, in a sandwich... the opportunities are endless with this cut.

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We adhere to ethical, natural,
and sustainable standards.


No kidding. We choose from 15 points of curation including source, breed, diet, taste, tenderness, quality, marbling, color, size, and weight.


Ethically sourced meat from select regions in New Zealand and Australia Uruguay and parts of the United States.


We only use Angus and Hereford, the two most tender breeds.


At Pre, cattle are raised outdoors on pasture year-round for their lifespan.