Pre Brand's Ribeye gets a 96 Rating!

Pre Brand's Ribeye gets a 96 Rating!

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Phil Lempart Supermarket Guru

Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru tried our ribeye for the first time and said it was the best he has ever cooked in his kitchen! We are so excited to hear that he is giving us a 96 score out of 100!

In his video he talks about how we are always 100% grass fed and finished and that he is happy he can see all sides of the steak. He talks about how we are a good source of protein, with no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no added sugars, and no artificial preservatives. He also brings up how the nutrition is so important, our Pre ribeye has no added antibiotics and no added hormones with 30% less calories and 42% less fat than a conventional ribeye at the butcher counter.

One of the good things about this is that our steaks are fixed weights so we can be pretty accurate when we calculate nutrition, which is always a plus for those who are meal prepping, planning food for the week, or on a special diet. Our ribeye is always 10 oz. and about the same shape so there are no surprises when cooking it up on the skillet, grill, or cast iron!

Phil says he is ecstatic he can get a New Zealand steak in his home without having to travel the globe and he understands what “tasting the obsession” means! Thanks, Phil, for this amazing review and sharing the love of Pre.

As always, we only work with farmers who raise their cattle on pasture year-round so they can eat nutrient-dense grasses all of the time. All of the farmers we work with treat the animals humanely and with respect and have been doing so for generations.

We love hearing good reviews and hearing feedback! Take a look at Phil’s video below!

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