The Benefits of Beef

The Benefits of Beef

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The Benefits of Beef

Here at Pre, we all love an excellent juicy cut of premium grass fed beef, but is it healthy? Packed with valuable protein that helps build muscle mass and is extremely rich in minerals, many qualities make beef a healthy option. Our favorite benefit is that it’s chock-full of vitamins. In addition to being protein-rich, grass-fed beef helps prevent iron deficiency anemia.

The vitamins in grass-fed and finished beef are essential to life. These vitamins include vitamins A and B. Although vitamin A is present in beef, it’s not in all cuts of beef. Vitamin A is abundant in the liver due to organ function and a healthy immune system. So next time, try a hearty serving of juicy, tender beef instead of reaching for a bottle of supplements.


Vitamin B-12 and Grass-Fed Beef

One of the most widely available vitamins in grass-fed beef is Vitamin B-12, in very high quantities. Vitamin B-12 supports brain health and immune system function and helps to support and regulate metabolism. In addition, proper vitamin B intake supports the growth of red blood cells and regulates heart health.

What Sets Grass Fed & Finished Beef Apart?

Grass-fed and finished beef cattle are allowed to graze and feed on natural grasses that contain vitamins and essential nutrients. Because the cattle aren’t grazing on processed or fermented feed, the nutrition they receive is higher.

Animals fed a grain diet are typically supplemented with particular vitamins to help maintain proper vitamin intake, but these are often flushed through the animal’s system. Instead, with grass-fed & finished beef, the cattle get their vitamins directly from grazing on nutritious natural grasses. The intake of naturally occurring vitamins paired with a low-stress environment and regular exercise leads to a higher level of vitamins in grass-fed beef overall.

In short, grass is full of vitamins and essential nutrients, so grass-fed & finished beef is superior in flavor, nutrition, and micronutrients compared to factory-farmed beef.


Where Can I Find Quality Grass Fed & Finished Beef? 

We only source grass-fed & finished beef that is raised and finished without the addition of hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs.

Whether you’re looking to purchase high-quality grass-fed beef for its better nutritional value or the distinctly better flavor, Pre has you covered. Because of our commitment to providing customers with nutrient-rich products, our beef comes from the best farmers. Our meat is from Australia, New Zealand, and parts of the United States that offer pasture raising year-round. 

We believe that food naturally tastes great when chosen with integrity and care. And that nature, not technology, should be responsible for what’s on our plates. If you’re ready to experience the pasture-raised grass-fed flavor of Pre, check out our store locator to find the nearest Pre location to you, or shop online right now without needing to leave your home!


Interested in learning more about why Pre provides the best beef from grass fed cattle? Here are some more resources you can check out!

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