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How to Clean Your Fridge for the Spring

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No matter what season it is, deep cleaning your refrigerator is always a good idea. Keeping your kitchen and your fridge clean is imperative to living a healthy life. Bacteria and dirt collect in your fridge without you even realizing it. So as you start your spring cleaning process, don’t forget to spend some time spring-cleaning your refrigerator!

1. Take Everything Out of Your Fridge

Ugh, we know taking everything out of your refrigerator is tedious, but trust us, it’s an essential step in keeping your fridge clean. Take out each drawer and removable piece so it’s easier to clean your fridge. Check the expiration dates on everything in your fridge so you’re not wasting space with spoiled goods. Throw away that package of spinach lying in the back of your fridge that you promised yourself you’d eat (we’ve all been there).

2. Scrub Your Fridge Clean

Once you remove everything from your fridge, wipe the inside and removable parts with hot soapy water. Make sure you get every crevice and corner with the hot soapy water! Dry your fridge with a clean towel after. If your fridge smells weird or needs extra cleaning, get a gallon-sized spray bottle and a tablespoon of bleach and spray your fridge clean. 

3. Clean All Your Food and Drink Containers Before Placing them Back in The Fridge

Now that you have a clean fridge, ensure everything you place back inside the refrigerator is clean. Put a fresh box of open baking soda on your fridge door to neutralize any future odors. 

4. Organize Your Clean Fridge

Let’s start with the basics. The top of your fridge is the warmest area, so you want to keep eggs, spreads, and dairy products there. The lowest part of your fridge is the coldest. Make sure you keep your milk, grass-fed and finished beef and meat products there! The bottom drawers in the refrigerator are crispers. Keep your vegetables and fruits in the crisper to stay fresh for a longer time. The middle of your fridge is great for putting pre-made or meal-prepped food in.

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