5 Must-Know Burger Techniques for Memorial Day

by Pre Brands May 21, 2020

5 Must-Know Burger Techniques for Memorial Day

Pre’s holiday season is beginning, grilling season.

We wait for the air to warm up and then we uncover the grills! Memorial Day marks the start of summer grilling. This year, cookouts with all your friends and family may not be possible but making a stand out burger is still a must. No one said you have to stay 6 feet from delicious, juicy burgers.

Making the perfect burger can be done in many ways but there are a couple of techniques we like to use on the regular. There are not many things worse than a dry, shrunken burger when you have been waiting all winter for the perfect grilled burger bite. Let’s all take an oath to never settle for a mediocre burger and get to grilling!#grilltogether



5 Burger Techniques for Juicy Burgers

Two small burger sliders on a wooden tray with a cold beer in the background.


The Perfect Shape

The perfect burger shape varies from person to person. Our perfect burgers are about an inch thick. This thickness keeps you from overcooking the outside while the inside cooks. Round your edges to make for an easy flip. Also, pay attention to the burger buns you have. Shape your burgers to your bun! Keep in mind your burgers will shrink a little but technique #3 will keep them from shriveling. 


Pre burger patties in package with salt and pepper in small dishes on the counter. 

When to Salt

Last year, Christy from@christinewilliamscooks, was in our kitchen cooking up some burgers recipes forwhen you forget the hamburger buns at the store and need to improvise. She shared with us one of her favorite burger tricks to keep the burgers juicy. Salt the side, put that side down on the grill, and then right before you flip, salt the top side. This way the salt does not suck out the moisture while the burger is cooking.

The Indent Trick

This is an old but trustworthy trick. Use your thumb to make an indent in the center of your burger before cooking. This indent keeps the burger from shrinking while on a hot grill or grill pan. Use this trick to make sure your burger matches your buns!

Watch Chef Sarah Beth use this trick while making her famous Chicago-style Burger.

How to Stuff a Burger

Sometimes you just need a little extra flavor and juiciness. We recommend stuffing your burger with blue cheese and mixing with BBQ sauce.

  1. Measure out the burgers and flatten on a cutting board.
  2. Spoon the blue cheese into the middle and fold in the sides to the center.
  3. Carefully shape your burger. Grill and then top with some bacon and red onion and add this burger to your“Wow the Guests” Cookout recipe list.

Want to beef up your burger even more?

Check out   How to Beef up your Burger for a few other ways to bring the wow-factor at your next grill out. We swear it is worth it.

Sliced red tomatoes on a grill pan with grill marks.

Elevate Your Burger Toppings

There is nothing like a classic cheeseburger made with a toasted sesame bun, American cheese, sliced red onion, tomatoes and ketchup. We took these classic toppings and gave them a makeover.

Pickled cucumbers and carrots in a bowl surrounded by red onion and roasted tomatoes.

Massage your red onion slices with a little lime and salt.

Grill your tomatoes and top with flaky sea salt.

Mix ketchup with Gochujang paste for a Korean kick.

Elevate your burgers with6 not-so-basic burger toppings.


More Burger Recipes for your Burger Feasts:

Want to Grill more?

Where can I get the best beef patties for grilling?

Say no more, we've got you covered there. Buy Pre grass fed & finished beef with no added antibiotics or hormones online or on AmazonFresh. You can also find a store near you with our store finder.

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