6 Tips for Searing your Meats For More Flavor

6 Tips for Searing your Meats For More Flavor

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What is a juicy steak without it's signature crust? The searing of meat is an essential step for bringing out the most flavor in your meals. When you sear your meats properly, you add a delicious, caramelized flavor from the natural sugars found in meats. This rich brown crust that forms on the surface can be the finishing touch that makes your meal perfect, providing you with a flavor you will want to savor. If you are interested in adding the perfect sear to your next meal check out our guide below for how to sear your meat. Here are 6 tips for searing your meats for more flavor.

1. Take it out of the fridge early

Before you are ready to cook your meat, pull it from the fridge so it has time to relax. When meat is in a cold environment, it will be stiff and trap many of the flavorful fibers you want in your sear. Avoid this by setting your meat out at room temperature 20 minutes before it hits the grill.

A package of ribeye steak, grilled lemons, and a salad on the counter with a towel

2. Season your meat

There are so many amazing seasonings out there, and it will be up to you to find the one that you enjoy the most. We recommend that whatever you choose includes salt. Salt helps draw out the protein-rich juice that dries on the surface of your meat and will help enhance the flavorful seared crust you are desiring. This is our best tip for searing your meats for more flavor. Our favorite brand of salt if Redmond's Real Salt.

3. Give your meat room

If you are cooking multiple cuts, make sure your meat has space between it. This will help the searing process and prevent your meat from simply steaming. The sreaming process is a great  tip for searing your meats for more flavor. The same goes for if you’re cooking one large piece of meat; make sure to use a pan large enough to hold it to avoid a similar situation.

Start the sear on the fattiest side first

Once your cooking surface is heated up to the desired temperature, it will be important to begin your sear on the fattiest side. Let your meat sit undisturbed for a few minutes before flipping it over.  If your surface is hot enough, the meat should lift easily without tearing. Repeat on the other side with a slightly shorter cook time.

Don’t forget the ends

Your meats ends can be just as tasty when seared as the rest. This is a flavorful surface you don’t want to miss. Hold your meat against your surface with tongs and let it brown up with that delicious, caramelized sear you desire.

A person searing a ribeye steak on a grill

Always let your steak rest after searing

Resting your meat is an important part of cooking any meat. Once finished searing, pull your meat and let it rest for at least 5 minutes. Letting your meat rest allows the juices to redistribute throughout, so your cut is nice and juicy. And as always, cut the steak against the grain.


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