What is Whole30? And what does it have to do with Pre?

By: Kristen Wilk, MS, RDN


Ok that’s it. You’ve heard about it 1,001 times, and now you just have to know why Whole30 has everyone talking – including the beef geeks here at Pre Brands.


Whole30 isn’t just another diet. It’s a regimen of dietary choices, certainly, but it’s more than that. It’s a mindset. A lifestyle. A community.


And Pre fits. Pre is by no means a “diet” food, but Pre fits within a lot of whole, real foods-based diet regimens out there, and when you learn more about our products’ sourcing and nutritional elements, it’s easy to see why. Whole30 Approved recipes are pervasive on our site (they’re even sortable by Whole30, to help with Whole30 meal prep and planning), and you might see Pre teaming up with Whole30 in other ways too. Why?


Because while people love Pre for a variety of reasons (flavor, texture, superior nutrition and totally consistent, unmatched quality, to name a few), the Whole30 community loves Pre because it’s a good, whole, real, unprocessed, better-for-you food.


Whether you’re a Whole30 devotee or not, that’s something to get on board with.


But you wanted Whole30 fast and easy, so here it is, along with why Pre is so many Whole30’ers beef of choice:


Whole30, in Two Sentences:

Whole30 is a 30-day diet plan that aims to heal and refresh the body and mind, including resetting a person’s relationship with food, by removing foods that Whole30 has identified as potential craving inducers, blood sugar disruptors, gut damagers and inflammation causers. The goal of Whole30 isn’t weight loss (though that can be a result) – rather it’s to replace negative food habits with a consistent routine of good food choices that change health and wellness for the better.


Why Pre?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Pre beef is 100% grass fed and finished and sourced with the highest standards, leading to beef that’s amazingly delicious but also boasts fewer calories, less fat and higher Omega-3’s and CLA’s than traditionally fed beef. As beef geeks, we’re obsessed with delivering on these characteristics every single time, making Pre a better-for-you beef that consumers can reliably and implicitly trust.


That’s why devoted Whole30 followers love Pre.


Pre fits within the Whole30 rules, and we also share a similar mindset with regards to how people should eat – that is, thoughtfully, selectively and in a way that is delicious and does good for the body. Pre is proud to be the first Whole30 Approved grass-fed beef and committed to bringing consumers the best beef nature provides.

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