10 min serves 8-10

Vieux Carré Solstice Punch

Add a festive twist to your Holiday gatherings with this warming citrus-y punch inspired by a classic New Orleans cocktail, the Vieux Carré. If you don’t have a proper punch bowl a large bowl and any ol’ ladle will do! 



  • 4 to 5 navel oranges
  • 1 t Angostura bitters
  • 1 t Peychaud’s bitters
  • 3/4 C Gran Gala or other orange liqueur
  • 1 C Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 C Cognac
  • 1 C Bourbon
  • 2 C orange flavored sparkling water
  • 2 C ginger ale
  • Star Anise pods for garnish
  • Punch bowl or large glass bowl
  • Ladle
  1. Slice all of the oranges, reserving one orange’s worth of slices (about 6 slices) for the wedge garnishes on the rims of the glasses.
  2. Mix all ingredients into a punch bowl or other large glass bowl and then float orange slices on top of punch. Randomly add some star anise pods on top of the floating slices.
  3. Make orange wedges to garnish glasses: cut the reserved orange slices into quarters. Slice each quarter down the center, starting at the pointed end, stopping before you hit the rind. Slip wedge over the lip of each glass.
  4. Serve punch over ice and garnish each glass with an orange wedge and floating star anise pod.
  5. Do not mix ice in the punch bowl as it will dilute the punch. Add the ice directly to the glasses before serving.


Vieux Carré Solstice Punch

Amount per 100g

Recipe developed by   Jennifer Borchardt