24 hours serves 6-8

Holiday Chuck Roast with Braised Tomatoes

It might sound fancy and intimidating but as long as you have the time, you’ll find the sous vide method to be a reliable cooking friend in the kitchen. Perfect for large gatherings, this foolproof method is a show-stopper in the center of the table. You may be asking, "what IS sous vide?" It is translated as “under vacuum." It is a French technique that has been a standard in restaurant kitchens for decades. You will need a sous vide circulator. A decent one can be bought for about $100. The circulator gently warms the water and gradually cooks the meat at a steady & controlled temperature until you are ready to serve dinner.
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ACTIVE: 15 min. PASSIVE: 24 hrs. DIFFICULTY Easy


  • 1 24 OZ Pre Chuck Roast
  • 2 t kosher salt
  • 6 cloves garlic, mashed
  • 1 can (10.5 OZ) low sodium diced tomatoes
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1/4 C mayonnaise
  • Sous Vide Circulator
  • Large stock pot
  • Large freezer bag or vacuum sealer (optional, freezer bags work just fine)
  • Binder clips or kitchen clips
  1. Remove the chuck roast from the package and blot dry with a paper towel.
  2. Place the roast on a large plate or cutting board, mix the mashed garlic and salt and rub over all sides and ends of the meat.
  3. Put the roast in the refrigerator for about an hour, this will enhance the flavor by providing a quick and very light “cure” on the meat.
  4. Bring meat to room temperature (about 35 to 40 minutes) before cooking.
  5. Fill a large pot with hot water and attach the circulator. Set temperature to 135°F, if you use hot water it should take about 10 minutes to reach 135°F.
  6. Place room temperature roast in the freezer bag and add the tomatoes and bay leaves, seal 3/4 of the way.
  7. Slowly lower freezer bag into the water to slowly push out the air in the bag.
  8. As you submerge the bag, start to zip the closure, finishing closing right before the water level reaches the top of the bag. The meat should stay submerged and no water should flow into the bag. You should be able to do this without touching the hot water. Be careful not to burn your hands, however 135°F should just feel hot, not scalding. You want as much of the air out of the bag as possible. If your meat does begin to float up you can use a plate or pot lid to help keep it submerged.
  9. Sous vide the chuck roast for 24 hours. Check the water level every 8 hours, adding water as needed as most circulators will shut off if the water level gets too low.
  10. When the roast is done remove the bag from the pot (there will be liquid in the bag). Remove the meat and discard the bag.
  11. Allow roast to cool for about 20 minutes before searing.
  12. Blot the roast with paper towel and using a silicone pastry brush, brush all sides and ends with the mayonnaise.
  13. Heat a large cast iron skillet over high-heat. Don’t add any cooking oil, the mayonnaise coating will sear the meat.
  14. Place the meat in the pan and sear on both sides for 2 minutes each.
  15. Reduce the heat to medium-high if needed. Using tongs also sear the ends and side surfaces until nicely browned.
  16. Carve the chuck roast into thin slices, cutting against the grain with a sharp knife.
  17. Arrange the slices on a serving platter, surrounded by your favorite sides, like stuffing, green bean casserole or mashed potatoes.


Holiday Chuck Roast with Braised Tomatoes

Amount per 136g

  • 136g

    1 serving
  • 184kcal

  • 23.08g

  • 485g

  • 1.82g

  • 8.61g

  • 3.81g

  • 1.82g


Nutrition is approximate, data retrieved from happyforks.com

Recipe developed by   Jennifer Borchardt