Top Sirloin Steak 101

Top Sirloin Steak 101

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This week we are going to highlight our Top Sirloin Steak.

Our top sirloin is one of the most accessible and least intimidating cuts we offer. Most people tend to try it before they try the ribeye, filet mignon, or the NY strip. Because of this, we wanted to dive in deeper and give you everything you need to know about, what we call, the versatile player of our steak line up.

A diagram of cattle with the different areas that are cut for certain steaks

This steak is cut from a part of the cattle called the “top sirloin,” or the “top butt” if you are talking to beef industry professionals. There is also a muscle called the “bottom sirloin,” but we like the taste and texture of the top sirloin. The beef in the top is closer to a strip steak in tenderness and flavor. The bottom sirloin is similar to a roast cut of meat. It is a bit tougher and requires a slow cook to break down all the muscle fibers to get to the most tender bite. Our Top Sirloin steaks are great for throwing on the grill or cooking up in a skillet for dinner.


a Package of top sirloin

The Pre top sirloin has 24g of protein, 134mg of CLAs, and 78mg of omegas 3s. It has 62% less fat and 37% fewer calories than a USDA choice sirloin steak.

Pre's Sirloin is a Very Lean Cut

 We like to keep them lean, with very little fat. The fat on a top sirloin subprimal is very tough and will often be seen in the form of silver skin. This is a tough, membrane-y piece of fat that shrinks up and causes a very firm bite. We, obviously, want our steaks to be as tender and melt-in-your-mouth as possible so we choose to have our butchers hand-trim off any excess tough fat they come across. 

While the butchers are trimming, they are paying attention to the tendon that runs down the center of the top sirloin subprimal. The butcher will cut the muscle so that this tendon is not running down the middle of your steak. After the butcher is done trimming, they will put the larger cut pieces through our steak cutter. This machine uses a laser to read the thickness and size of the sub-primal pieces and then cuts it into evenly sized steaks. 

All of our top sirloins are 8 ounces. After the steaks are cut, they pass through a machine that checks the weight of each individual steak. If the steak if over 8 ounces, trim it down to fit in our vacuum-sealed package. This makes for a consistent size that fits into our vacuum-sealed package. This size allows for consistency in average cooking times. Every time you buy a Pre® top sirloin it will cook for about the same amount of time, every time because it is always 8 ounces. 

Even though the sirloin is so lean, it is still extremely flavorful. It makes a great base for rubs or marinades. It is also the steak we will point you to if you are making steak sandwiches or salads and want really thin slices of tender steak.

Here are our 3 most-loved Top Sirloin Recipes:

1. Jamaican Jerk Sirloin Skewer Bowl

2. Steak Sammies with Horseradish Mayo
3. Beef Teryaki
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