Snack with Purpose

Snack with Purpose

Chef Sarah Russo

This blog is for the snackers! It's for those that love to munch, graze, dabble, share with a friend, try something new, or find a secret superfood snack that is functional. No matter why you snack, there's pretty much one thing in common: we all love food!

But, if we wanted to get technical, we could break down snackers into three official groups: 1. planners 2. impulse buyers and 3. those who snack with purpose. I don't know about you, but I'd like to think that my snacking mostly falls into "snack with purpose" category. More often than not, it probably falls into "impulsive buying and mindless eating."

You know. The kind where you open something to munch on while you binge watch your favorite TV. It's the kind that you end up eating a whole bag or tin or box of something and you don't ever really feel satisfied. It's almost like you blacked out and then came to with an empty bag in your hand and crumbs all over your chest. Wondering, "Now, what happened here"?! (Side note, why can't I ever black out on carrots?) 

Now, I LOVE having a little bite. And I do not think we should halt all our snacking, but I think a great way to set yourself up for success is to make a mental switch of what types of snacks you purchase and when you should enjoy them.  

1. Pick satiating snacks. 

Snacks that have healthy fats and protein will be more satiating than snacks that are carb heavy. To put it simply, it takes the body longer to process and metabolize protein and fat, so it makes you feel fuller longer. Added benefit: protein and fat are essential for muscle recovery, metabolism, and productivity. This does not mean don't eat carbs! Carbohydrates are a very important nutrient, but if you find yourself snacking and not being sustained, try switching up your snacks to have more clean protein and healthy fats. 

2. Pick snacks that offer you more nutrients

Many whole food products like grass-fed beef, offer a wide range of key nutrients that we can only find in nature, like: CLA's, Omega-3 and 6, and Antioxidants. Being more thoughtful of the benefits we are giving our bodies when we snack helps us to pick foods that the body naturally loves and processes for energy. It can be easy to focus on calories, but calories quickly become less important when you tally up all the good things that can go into our snacks. Every time we eat, we can choose to give our body foods that improve digestion, brain power, muscle strength, and much more. 

3. Pick snacks that can sustain in your fridge for at least 1 week. 

Eat foods that die. Foods that can spoil have more good things for you than foods with a long shelf life. With the exception of dehydration or homemade preservation, try to eat food that need to remain temperature controlled. With that said, make snacks that will last you a while. We don't choose when to chooses stay prepared. 

4. Pick snacks that are portable. 

Most of my snacks need to be on-the-go. So I invested in leak-proof containers, jars, and snack pouches that can be re-used and keep my snacks fresh while they are being tossed around in my bag. Stick with foods items you don't need utensils for. (Soup is not a snack)

5. Pick snacks that are low in sugar, added 'natural flavors', and preservatives to reduce cravings. 

When you eat foods that have a concentrate of Doritos... You taste something that is not natural. Nature doesn't make foods that are THAT intense in salt, acid, heat...all wrapped up into one! It's unnatural and a man-made flavor. When you eat foods like this, your taste buds require food with more flavor like this... and an apple or carrot just tastes... like nothing. No wonder we are so unsatisfied with whole foods. We have to manipulate and change them in a way to make our damaged pallets accept them. However, doing diet resets and eliminating added sugars, salts, flavors, powders, etc. can help us reset the pallet to LOVE whole foods again. (Side note: Ever do a sugar-elimination? I did recently and then tried a plum.... sweetest thing I had ever tasted!)

Want some good snack recipes? Try some of these to get nutrient dense and satiating snacks that are good for the mind, mouth, and body. 

Mason Jar Salads 

Fennel, Cucumber, Cashew Salad

Cumin Spiced Beef Hummus

If you make any of these recipes, please, tag us @eatpre_ for a chance to be featured! 

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