How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

by Pre Brands January 23, 2023

Steak on a cast iron skillet

A cast iron skillet is a must-have for any serious cook, especially if you cook a lot of steak. The dense, heavy cast iron creates a fantastic sear on meats and develops a natural non-stick coating over time. The heat distributes evenly on a cast iron skillet allowing you to cook steak perfectly.
If your skilletalready has good“seasoning,” you don’t need to re-season it. Throw a cup of kosher salt in the cast iron, and scrub the skillet with a kitchen towel to remove pesky, stuck-on food bits. Then, rinse the skillet with hot water, dry it off immediately, and apply a thin coating of oil to season the skillet. 

How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

  1. Scrub it with kosher salt

  2. Remove the salt

  3. Heat your cast iron and addhigh-heat oil(you can use coconut oil which will leave your kitchen smelling amazing)

  4. Wait until the cast iron skillet starts to smoke andthenremove it from the heat

  5. Wait for the cast iron to cool down andthenyou’re done, it’s seasoned and cleaned!

Why Should you Season your Cast IronSkillet?

A thin layer of oil forms when you season your skillet, which allows your cast iron to become more water-resistant and helps prevent foods from sticking. Although some say that seasoning your skillet is not that important, it allows your skillet to last longer! Depending on how often you use your skillet, it’s recommended to season your skillet two to three times a year.

Why Cook Your Steak on a Cast Iron?

If you are cooking your steak on a skillet, we highly recommend using a cast iron. They evenly heat up and retain heat, allowing you to crisp the outside of your steak and perfectly cook the interior.Using a cast-iron to cook your steak will bring out delicious buttery flavors while keeping your meat juicy.

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