Benefits of Spicy Food

by Pre Brands August 19, 2022

Benefits of Spicy Food

Ready to bring the heat to your meals this summer? Did you know adding spicy food to your palate could benefit your health? Whether you are making a spicy marinade, a hot blend of seasonings, a peppery rub, or other flavorful concoction, spicy food is a great way to add some flavor to your grilling. Below are a few ways hot and spicy foods can help you.


boost your microbiome information

Boost your Microbiome

It’s commonly thought that those with sensitive stomachs should not eat spicy food, but there is evidence that spicy food can be good for your gut! A healthy gut has so many benefits, but most importantly, your gut health affects your mood. As strange as that sounds, many studies have shown that healthy gut bacteria leads to a healthier mind. So adding spices to your meals could be worth a try to make you feel your best!


boost your metabolism information

Boost your Metabolism

Researchhas shown that spicy food boosts the body’s ability to break down fat and burn more energy! Hot spices such as cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, peppers, and chilies have all been shown to improve metabolism mildly. In return, this helps improve your heart health while reducing the risk of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type 2 diabetes. 


reduce inflammation information

Reduce Inflammation

Add some spice to your life to reduce inflammation! Capsaicin, the active chemical in spicy food, also helps reduce inflammation. This can assist in preventing heart attacks, improving overall heart health, and can combat inflammation in the gut. 


improve your mood information

Improve your Mood

When you enjoy your favorite spicy foods, your body produces more serotonin helping you reduce stress and anger. Next time you feel down, add a chili or two; it may be what you need to boost your mood.


With all the potential benefits spicy food can bring to your life, it might be worth it to spice up your grilling this summer. It is important to remember that hot spices are good in moderation. Some people have higher tolerances to heat but overdoing it can bring short-term undesirable symptoms like stomachache and more. Make sure to start slow, and your tolerance will build over time.


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