5 Tips for A Healthy Fridge


Want to eat better? At Pre, we know a thing or two about quality sourcing. Revamp your food source – your fridge – to set yourself up for success. Here are 5 healthy fridge tips to live by:

1. Stock the rainbow.

Your fridge should be colorful! In food, color naturally comes from nutrients, so a variety of colors means a variety of nutrients – what you want for an optimally functioning body and mind.

2. Lean on staples.

Cover your bases for your basic recipe needs, and keep healthy building blocks on rotation so that when you need a quick bite, you’re not a slave to your snack drawer. (How to stock a healthy snack drawer is next lesson.)

3. Board according to zone.

Fridge stocking isn’t a free-for-all. Rather than the “shove everything in” method, what goes on which shelf matters, for food safety reasons. Not everything is as fail-proof as Pre’s vacuum sealed packaging, so raw meats, poultry and seafood should go on the bottom shelf. Produce can go next (or in humidity-controlled drawers), and dairy and other packaged goods can sit up top.

4. Nutrition 101.

Digging up nutrition class knowledge here – certain foods in all 5 food group are better off in the fridge than the pantry. And in a healthy fridge, you want some from every group: grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins and milk or dairy alternatives.

5. Keep it clean!

You might slack on laundry, but don’t neglect your fridge. Make cleanliness your baseline, and do a monthly deep-clean (take out fridge contents, discard outdated items and scrub surfaces).

You tell us: What's your favorite healthy fridge staple? Respond in the comments below!

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