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What type of dates does Chuck like?

Chuck is always ready for an adventure. He will accompany you on any kind of date. His favorite dates are ones that involve burgers or hot dogs. For other date ideas, click here.

How can I meet chuck?

Chuck loves to meet new people! Find out where he is hanging out, in real time, here. If you want Chuck to visit you at home, let us know!

Some things you should know about Chuck

Chuck is pretty low-maintenance but there are a few things you can do that will make him extremely happy:

  • Perfect, low and slow: For a great time with Chuck, cook him at a lower temperature for a longer amount of time.
  • He is open to so many cooking methods: Chuck likes the crock pot, pressure cooker, dutch oven, soup pot, and even being roasted in a pan and then put into the oven!
  • He likes cold weather: Grind him cold for the best tasting sausages and burgers.
  • He has a great body: 80/20 meat to fat ratio makes meat tender and succulent
  • He is super versatile: He can be used cut into steaks, burgers, sausages, shredded meat, and ground.
  • You don't need a lot to have fun: Salt is all you need. No oil or fat necessary.
  • Chuck prefers an even tan: Brown the meat on all sides for added flavor.


I've never had a love affair where I truly felt like I'd found "the one." Inevitably, my partner always ended up disappointing me in ways that could never be repaired. I just couldn't let myself settle for that kind of romance. I knew there had to be better choices out there. We would break up and then I would spiral out of control. I would live recklessly, I'd bring a new lover home each night and ultimately end up feeling unfulfilled and foolish, repeating the same mistakes, thinking each one was "going to be different this time."

And then I met Chuck.

Just as I was about to give up on true love, I ran into Chuck on a cold, rainy evening in October at the grocery store. It was a night where I was contemplating if cooking a meal for one was really worth the effort, and maybe it was just easier to grab whatever was on sale at the deli on my way home, put on Netflix, and scroll through more dating apps in bed.

He was in the meat aisle, looking extremely well-put-together and gave me the warmhearted smile I've come to adore. We immediately connected. I decided to go on a date with him after the thought of never being satisfied permeated my heart.

I remember the night I fell in love with him. We were cooking Shiitake Beef Ramen in the kitchen, and we took the first bite together, it was a real "Lady and the Tramp" moment... We smiled at each other and he told me that I was the best cook he'd ever met, and I knew he was the one.

We have spent the last 2 years together. Chuck is genuine and transparent, he supports me and encourages me to be myself and to never compromise my values. He has taught me to have confidence in myself and in relationships again. He makes everything in my life easier, and he is always down for visiting my parents or going to parties...he's just ready for anything. I can trust him and I truly feel like bringing him into my life was the best decision I've ever made.

Janet & Chuck



Chuck is willing to be vulnerable, in a way that makes him tender and unjudgemental. I can tell him anything and know he will keep my secrets.


Chuck can make the best barbacoa. Hands down. I don't know how he makes it taste so good's BETTER than any restaruant I've been too.


Whenever I have a bad day, Chuck is there. He makes me tacos on Tuesdays and he even takes care of the kids on the weekends. Chuck is always there for me.

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