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Pre beef is available online!

We are so excited to offer our products on AmazonFresh, Peapod, Instacart, and Ibotta. You can purchase: ribeye , New York strip, top sirloin, and filet mignon steaks. We also have ground beef available in the range of 80%–95% lean, burger patties and seasonal chuck roast. All of our beef is Non-GMO Project Verified, Whole30 Approved®, Paleo Certified, Keto* Certified, and Halal. We source from farmers in Australia and New Zealand where they pasture raise their cattle year-round. They also use humane treatment, never add antibiotics or hormones and there are no GMOs or BPA. All Pre farmers practice 100% grass feeding and finishing.


Grab Pre grass fed beef online from these places:

We have the same high standards as you.


About us

We founded Pre to set the taste clock back to a time before industrialization. We only need 3 letters to describe our beef: P-R-E, as in pre-industrial food. We are dedicated to providing the best-tasting 100% grass fed & finished beef – or your money back. That means no feedlots, no added hormones, no unnecessary antibiotics, and no corn-fed cattle. These are the things that make us different than other beef out there. And we're okay with being different. Because we meticulously, relentlessly and uncompromisingly created Pre for one person. You. We are proud to offer grass fed and finished beef online!

Why 100% Grass Fed & Finished Matters

All cattle begin their lives on pasture with their mother. But they can be moved and confined to a feedlot where they are fed grains or grain by-products for the last few months of their lives to "fatten" them up. This is unnatural and unacceptable. We say  “grass fed & finished” on our package because all Pre cattle is “finished” on pasture naturally and never in a feedlot.

Why We Practice High Quality Sourcing Methods

Grass feeding and finishing is perfect for regenerative farming and a natural ecosystem that supports rotational grazing. Quality, taste, & environmental impact of pasture raised beef is directly affected by the entire lifespan of the animal and its holistic treatment.

Why We Prefer Pasture Raised Beef

Healthier, leaner meat results from pasture raising. It is more humane and less stressful to the animal. It also doesn’t require added growth hormones or antibiotics (yuck). When you compare our grass-fed & finished beef to conventional grain-fed beef, it also has lower fat and calories, as well as high vitamin content and high Omega-3s.

100% Taste Guarantee

We hope you love it when you buy our grass fed beef online, but if you are not 100% happy we will give you your money back. Learn all about the 100% Taste Guarantee here.

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