Why Pre Sources from Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, and Parts of the United States

by Patricia Willmot July 26, 2022

Pre sources from New Zealand and Australia because they have the best environment in the world, and the strictest humane animal treatment laws.

The story goes that our Founder, Lenny Lebovich, had a delicious, life-changing experience eating a steak while traveling in Southern Australia. So, it should come as no surprise that Pre sources from Australia. As he tracked down the specific source of his life-changing steak, he found out why Australia and also New Zealand were perfectly suited to provide great tasting beef for Pre’s health-conscious consumer back in the United States. 

Both regions of the world are known for small variations in temperature over the course of the year, as well as abundant rainfall. These two things make these countries ideal for raising cattle year-round on lush, green, nutrient dense pasture.

New Zealand and Australia have been raising grass fed beef cattle since the early 1800s. Over the years, they’ve developed a deep appreciation of the factors that result in great tasting beef and a sustainable industry. 

Humane animal treatment with low stress handling, breed selection for tenderness and taste, no added antibiotics or growth hormones, sustainable pasture management with rotational grazing, no GMOs, biodiversity, soil health and resource management, and excellent traceability systems have been key for both countries becoming world leading producers of safe, consistent, high quality, grass-fed and finished beef. Tender, juicy, flavorful and better for you - Perfectly “Pre”!

New Zealand has approximately 3.6 million head of beef cattle and Australia accounts for about 26.6 million head of beef cattle. Both countries export the majority of fresh beef they produce to more than 100 countries around the world.

Recently, we've added two more sources — Uruguay and parts of the United States. As we have met more cattle ranches that adhere and exceed our 15 points of curation, we have added them to our trusted partners. We are very excited about these new additional sourcing areas, and we hope to keep adding more farmers who practice pasture raising and humane treatment in the future.

Sourcing from these two countries is one of the reasons we are able to stand behind our slogan, “Taste with nothing to hide.” Our transparent, vacuum sealed packaging, delicious and healthy bank of recipes, and Steak Cooking guide are just a few ways we showcase Pre.

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