Why PRE?

By: Aisha Chaudhry

We often get asked the question, why did our founder start PRE? That’s a difficult question to answer quickly because we could talk about beef all day. In celebration of the PRE Brands two-year anniversary, we’ve answered the Why PRE? question in a few short paragraphs:

Back in 2009, the PRE founder Lenny Lebovich was dining at Rockpool Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. He’d always been a steak guy so, naturally, he ordered their famous bone-in ribeye. Lenny couldn’t believe the difference in taste! If you’ve ever been to Australia, you know what we’re talking about. There is a purity to the taste of their beef. It’s lean, tender, and full of flavor.

View from the plane when flying to Australia


Lenny wanted to bring that same taste experience to consumers in the US, but first had to pinpoint what made it so different. Was it the texture? Was it the more pronounced flavor? And—most importantly—would his American friends enjoy anything other than the grain fed beef they are used to?

He did some research and the answer was yes. People wanted better beef. Most people felt like they had to sacrifice health or taste when “indulging” in a steak. That seemed wrong to Lenny, because beef shouldn’t be limited to special occasions. Our food system has industrialized beef to the point where diet, hormones, antibiotics, and massive feedlots are used to maximize revenue. It is these practices—and their resulting side effects—that have given beef a bad name.


So, Lenny pulled out a piece of paper and laid the outline of the company we now call PRE. He started from scratch so that PRE could give beef the good name it deserves. The challenge was making that happen.

One of the hardest parts about launching PRE was finding the farms that could provide premium quality beef year-round. Lenny traveled around the globe in search of regions with climates that grow nutrient rich pasture year round. He ended up discovering the perfect combination of elements that contribute to outstanding food quality in Australia and New Zealand. Not only that, but it’s also common for animals in these countries to be 100% grass fed. This practice is the first step to incredible flavor.

When Lenny was ready to officially launch PRE, he met with farmers in Australia and New Zealand in person to share his big idea. Many were pessimistic. While they were excited about the PRE vision and believed that it was important, they were skeptical that it could work in a market like the United States.

Building PRE from the ground up meant helping out every step of the way, from flying overseas and meeting suppliers to ensuring 100% packaging transparency. This picture shows PRE Brands first packaging design launched in 2015.


Fast forward two years, and those same farmers are now our biggest suppliers. Word has gotten out that we’re doing something different, and lots of others are asking to join the team. In fact, we visited New Zealand a few weeks ago to celebrate our two year anniversary, and suppliers were approaching us. And that is a big deal, because we ask our team to abide by the strictest standards in the industry; farmers now believe so much in Our Taste Standard, that they’re willing to go out of their way to uphold it.

In the year ahead, you’ll see the PRE Brands footprint expand immensely. With the incredible support of our suppliers, we’re now able to begin serving coast to coast. And, ultimately, bringing better beef to everyone across the United States has always been the goal –that’s why Lenny started PRE.

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