Why is the Filet Mignon so Tender?

Why is the Filet Mignon so Tender?

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Why is the Filet Mignon so Tender? Find out why we always say you can cut Pre's filet mignon with a spoon.

You might be wondering: Why is the Filet Mignon so Tender? The filet is cut from the smallest end of the tenderloin. It has an outstanding balance of texture and buttery flavor. This creates a tender muscle that is incredibly soft and juicy when cooked. It is a rarely-used muscle. Meaning the it never gets a workout and doesn’t stress the muscle moving back and forth all day.


There are three parts to the tenderloin muscle: there is the head (which connects to the sirloin muscle). Then there is the center of the tenderloin, people call this area the body or the barrel.And then you have the end, which is called the tail, and it has a triangular shape.


You can view each part of the muscle in our video below. Where Julie, our quality manager, talks in detail about the filet tenderloin and how we trim it.


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Filet Tenderloin is a perfect masterpiece seared and plated all on its own. You can also cut in against the grain in thin slices to put in a salad, soup, or other appetizers.

Keep an eye out in grocery stores for our very special limited edition Center Cut Beef Tenderloin that will be the perfect addition to your holiday feast! This is an entire roast for you to marinate using a classic pan sauce, a French onion pan sauce or one of your family recipes. We also tried a maple crusted tenderloin recipe and a horseradish and garlic crusted recipe, and they seriously delivered on taste. Get all of our holiday recipes here.

Looking for some filet tenderloin cooking inspiration? We've gathered our favorite recipes for 7 Delicious Days of Filet Mignon. As always, when cooking filet, remember grass fed and finished beef cooks faster than grain fed beef, and always use a digital meat thermometer to get your desired doneness using our temperature chart.

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