Creating a Virtual Holiday Party You'll Actually Love

by Pre Brands November 12, 2020

Creating a Virtual Holiday Party You'll Actually Love

The Era of Virtual Dinner Parties and Virtual Holiday Parties is Upon Us

As we head into the most wonderful time of the year you might be trying to wrap your head around the fact that this holiday season will be every bit out of the ordinary. Let’s face it, this year has been a whirlwind for everyone and has left us looking for unique ways to spend quality time with family, friends, colleagues, and business partners while at the same time, not spending time with them physically. Large gatherings seem to be a thing of the past, and it’s time to step up and take control. Look to virtual dinner parties and virtual holiday parties to help keep the holiday fun flowing.

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Virtual Dinner Parties

Frustrated extroverts who crave social interaction, meet virtual dinner parties. Without the possibility of large and loud family meals this year, the time has come for virtual dinner parties to show up to the table. You may not be able to gather with your family in person this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the festivities. Join in on the fun and have close family members set up laptops or tablets at their dining table so you can be part of that dinner party banter we all love so much. Consider starting the fun before sitting down for dinner with lively conversation where you can catch up and interact. Get your family or friends to agree on a set menu and prepare yourself for a day filled with digital cooking fun together! We recommend Whole30 Beef recipes that use Pre beef as a delicious protein option for your virtual dinner parties.

Holiday table with meat roast and vegetable sides
Family dinners wouldn’t be complete without a few board games and friendly competition. Consider having a few games ready to go so that you can play virtually before everyone falls into pure food coma bliss. Pictionary or Charades are great options to start with. Split into teams and use meeting room‘spotlight’ features to ensure everyone knows whose turn it is to draw or act. There are also great online games that you can utilize using your mobile phone while on video chat like Jackbox games.
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Virtual Holiday Parties

"But I was trying to plan a holiday party for the office!” No worries, we haven’t forgotten about you – it’s not all about intimate virtual dinner parties. Before, digital meeting rooms were reserved for business meetings, but now they’re a remarkable tool that we can all take advantage of. This year is coming to a close and you need to find a way to celebrate to keep the morale high. Make sure everyone in the company has the latest updates installed on their devices to reduce the chance of glitches before the party starts, and be prepared for an evening of fun. No one will be hanging out around the office water cooler telling tales of their latest travel adventures this year, but a dedicated virtual‘water cooler’ room might be the perfect place to strike up friendly colleague conversations. Encouraging employees to dress festively will also add to the experience. 
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Want to spice up your virtual holiday party and take it to the next level? The holidays revolve around food and now is the perfect time to order everyone a care package that has a Pre steak or lamb and the ingredients to their favorite recipe so everyone can enjoy a virtual cookout. Send a card and a stocking stuffer that are personalized for each individual.

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The Origins of Digital Socialization

The concept of connecting digitally has been around for a long while, but hosting full-on virtual dinner parties or holiday“get-togethers” is an idea that is unique to 2020. In fact, according to Google Trends, the search term“virtual dinner party” didn’t have a lot of traction until March 2020 when typically social individuals across the nation looked for creative ways to stay connected while in lockdown. As for“virtual holiday party”, the term bounced around minimally on the charts but began on a steep upward incline at the beginning of October when families and colleagues began making plans for the fall and winter holiday season. 2020 has brought on a number of challenges as everyone tries to maintain some sort of normalcy through unprecedented times, and it’s easy to see why these ideas have caught everyone’s attention as we try to compensate for the sort of interaction we’re used to. Whatever your reason is for planning a digital meal or party this holiday season, Pre has your back with a wide selection of recipes that will enhance your meal sharing experience and provide you with some of the best food gifts to send to your loved ones.
Tenderloin with Classic Pan Sauce

Order Pre Online 

At Pre, we do things differently. Keep your skillet hot, and you’ll have your favorite grass-fed beef and lamb sizzling in no time. Free from added hormones, antibiotics, BPA, and GMOs, our Whole30 approved,® Halal meat is pasture-raised year-round by farmers in Australia and New Zealand. Ready to get the digital party started? Select your cut of Pre beef from our thoughtful collections for your virtual dinner party or virtual holiday party cookout today.


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