The Perfect New Year's Eve Menu

by Pre Brands December 28, 2020

The Perfect New Year's Eve Menu

Who is ready to say GOODBYE to 2020 with us?

This New Year's Eve should be celebrated with good food, music, and drinks. That means we have you covered over here. It might be more digital or less crowded at your home this year, but that just means we have to party harder! Here's our menu for NYE that will have you bringing in 2021 in with a happy belly. Plus, we have a pretty good playlist you should check out too.





Southwest Breakfast Stir-fry

 Gluten-free | Keto | Paleo | Whole30

For breakfast, this veggie and ground beef stir fry will jump start your day full of lean protein and southwest flavor.


Southwest Whole 30 Top Sirloin-Stir-fry



Whole30 Steak Cobb Salad

Paleo | Whole30

Keep your breakfast bright and light so you can fuel your energy for the night!



Deviled Eggs with Top Sirloin Steak

 Keto | Paleo | Whole30

Steak and eggs in bite-size form, what could be better?





Steak Tartlets with Caramelized Onion and Gorgonzola Jam

 These are a fun option to have around! Make a few batches!





Mustard Fried Steak Bites

If you feel more like fried foods, this is your NYE snack!






Sesame Korean Beef Recipe in the Instant Pot

 Keto | Paleo | Whole30

Sit back and relax, let the instant pot do the cooking for you so you can spend more time on New Year's Eve doing what you want to!



Non-alcoholic Mint Mojito

Let's agree, 2020 came with enough action that we wouldn't argue if you added some alcohol. Here's the basic mix, have fun and make it your own!

1 lime (juiced)
4 oz orange juice
½ teaspoon ground turmeric
8 muddled mint leaves
  1. In a pitcher or large mason jar mix lime juice, ground turmeric, orange juice, and muddled mint leaves.
  2. Shake with 2-3 cups of ice until well combined.
  3. If clumps, use a whisk to break it up.
  4. Pour in glasses, over ice, filling cups about 2/3 of the glass.
  5. Top with lime flavored sparkling water. Serve with mint garnish.



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