Help PRE® and Common Threads fight Childhood Obesity

PRE provides several opportunities throughout the year to help Common Threads by eating delicious PRE products! Our inaugural fundraising event is this August throughout Greater Chicago. Buy a package of PRE Ground Beef and we will donate $1 toward sending a student to Common Threads’ after-school cooking program. Our goal is to provide hands-on cooking classes to 300 students this September. Keep an eye out here for other programs launching in other cities soon.


About the Common Threads partnership

At PRE, we believe that healthy food can be delicious. That’s why we partnered with Common Threads, an organization dedicated to bringing health and wellness to children, families, and educators in underserved communities through cooking and nutrition education. During the 2015-2016 school year alone, Common Threads provided hands-on cooking skills to more than 70,000 students and served nearly half a million healthy meals and snacks. The result? 95% of students were self-confident in their cooking skills; 70% communicated to their family about healthy eating, and 80% correctly answered nutrition questions. PRE is dedicated to increasing Common Threads’ impact, both financially and through hands-on volunteering, so even more children can learn about healthy meal preparation this school year.

Click here to watch a video and learn more about the Common Threads mission.

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